Buy Black – Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming up on us whether we are ready or not.  If you're anything like me and always plan to have all of your shopping done in October (yea right!), but end up scrambling around 2 weeks before Christmas to find the perfect gifts, then I'm here to help help us! I've curated … Continue reading Buy Black – Christmas Gift Guide


Knocking Walls Down

The below is a transcript from the In My Opinion with Starr Howard Podcast // #WordUpWednesday - Knocking Walls Down// Aired on September 13, 2017 In my days of solitude, I’ve realized that I have created a huge wall around , not simply my heart, but all of me!  I created this wall and disguised … Continue reading Knocking Walls Down


In my teenage years, I remember hearing Queen Latifah rapping the lyrics U.N.I.T.Y.  Although her song called for unity among black men and black women, the catchy chorus still rings in my thoughts every now and then, and even more so the last few weeks. Hurricane Harvey hit my home state hard!  I'm a Texan, … Continue reading UNITY

Enough is Enough

Do you ever have a day, week, or even a month, when you don't feel you're "enough?"  You're not smart enough, pretty enough, funny enough, thick enough, skinny enough, or you don't smile enough....If not, then God Bless! I am not a person who has any lack in confidence.  Some may confuse my level of … Continue reading Enough is Enough