Four Friday Faves – NFL TEAMS

Soooo, I’m late, once again, story of my life, BUT…

Football season is finally here!!  Hoo-Ray!! I’m a huge football fan and records show that the percentage of female football fans is on the rise!  Kudos to the NFL for hiring the first female official, Sarah Thomas!  Girl Power!

Whatever your reason is for devoting your Sundays to football frenzy, after church, of course, let it be known!

For my Four Friday Faves, I’m giving you the top four NFL teams on my list.  With 32 teams in the NFL, this list is not scored solely on the team, itself.  I had to throw in a few more determining factors, such as food, fashion, city, etc… Get into it!

4. San Francisco 49ers


The Niners, as Faithful 49ers fan name their home team, are not the faves to win much of anything this season with the number of changes in staff and roster, but that doesn’t stop me from putting them on my #4FF.  First of all, Levi’s stadium is amazing and has been praised for its technological advancements and environmental sustenance, such as a 27,000 square foot “Green Roof” on the top of the stadium’s suite tower. In addition, the employees/ushers are probably a few of the best dressed Stadium employees I’ve seen in the NFL.  Secondly, the team is located in the Bay Area of California.  I mean, who doesn’t love the Bay!?  Great weather, fresh seafood, Union Square, Full House, and Riley Curry! Did I mention that the 49ers has THE SEXIEST player of all 32 teams? Hey Colin! ♥

3. Green Bay Packers


What makes the Packers a fave for me?  Aaron Rodgers, Mr. Discount Double Check, himself.  In the words of Stephen A. Smith, he’s a baaaaadddd man! Who wouldn’t be with a successor like Brett Favre?  Green Bay’s A.Rod is exciting to watch and you can’t help but to cheer for him. Not to mention, the Packers fans are the shareholders of the team, for a cost, of course.  The main purpose of community ownership is to ensure the team stays in Green Bay.  In my opinion, this makes for faithful fans!  Oh and ummm, Who doesn’t like cheese?

2. Houston Texans


Houston is the 4th largest city in the country and the place I call home.  I could NOT create a list of this sort and not show my city love!  Houston has arguably one of the best defenses in the league led by the town celebrity, Defensive End JJ Watt.  He’s everywhere!  Ironically, I’ve never bumped into him in these H-Town streets!  Come to Houston and experience the Southern Hospitality you’ve heard so much about.  Houston makes for a great place to raise a family, hit the town and most importantly EAT until your heart’s content!  With the city being  the most ethnically diverse large metropolitan area in the country we are sure to have a variety of food choices!  Our traffic sucks, but that’s because more and more people are moving here due to the low cost of living.  In case y’all forgot, Houston created Beyonce. H-Town stand up!

Back to football….

Don’t be fooled, the Texans have a few pieces of eye candy on the roster, as well. Hey JJ and Arian! #BullsonParade

  1. Dallas Cowboys


So, let’s get one thing straight, I may live in Houston, but I’m a Cowboys fan.  Let’s all remember to Respect the Star!  #WedemBoys The Cowboys have the best wide receiver in Dez Bryant.  Never bet against Dez.  Not only does Dez Bryant occupy the Cowboys’ roster, but the offensive line is the toughest and probably the best in the game.  In 2014, Romo was gifted an average of 2.84 seconds in the pocket! Although DeMarco Murray is no longer on the team, the Boys are not lacking in offensive threats.

Not to be shown up by Levi’s Stadium, AT&T Stadium formerly known as Cowboys Stadium and affectionately termed Jerry’s World, is not to be second guessed!  The stadium seats 85,000, making it the largest stadium in the NFL by seating capacity, with the standing room making a total of 105,000.  Jerry’s World has the fourth largest high definition video screen, which hangs from 20-yard line to 20-yard line.  The end zone screens are not too shabby themselves which can be seen from the parking lot!

Lest we not forget, Neiman Marcus was founded in Dallas, TX and it’s headquarters is located in Downtown Dallas! The most important of them all…..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Please keep in mind that my faves have little, yet enough, to do with football, and there are a dozen other teams that can easily be considered as a Friday Fave, depending on the week!

Which teams are your favorite?  Who will you root for this season?

PS – If  you are looking for some trendy football gear to put on for your city, check out Alyssa Milano’s line, Touch.  You’re welcome!



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