Don’t Cry Over Split Ends

A few days ago, I had a moment of vanity insanity.  After my trip to the salon to get a trim and to shape my afro, I returned home, looked at myself in the mirror and completely fell apart.  My hair was sooooo much shorter than I wanted.  I honestly couldn’t believe that I was literally crying, but there I was, in the middle of the bathroom…in real life tears.  Was I really this vain?  Am I THAT attached to my hair? No ma’am, this couldn’t be so. I love short hair! I have gone from shoulder length to less than an inch length, to shaved sides, to green hair, to a pixie cut, straight hair, to curly hair.  I’ve done it all and realized that I really have no attachment to my hair, so these tears were definitely deeper than hair.




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I’m a bit of a free spirit. I’m very nonchalant, a little impulsive and not very disciplined.  Committing to grow my hair out and not succumbing to the scissors, and sometimes the razor, is not about hair, but about staying true to my word, disciplining myself, and committing to a task…finally!  To see that the sacrifices and the work that I put in, in and effort to reframe from breaking the commitment to myself, were gone and literally swept away into that little hair vacuuming machine, was painful! It was heartbreaking.  I’m still not fully over it, but this I do know is that because of the cut, my hair is crazy healthy, split ends are gone, my curls are poppin, and the length will come right back….one day.

Take a look at my hair choices over the years.

See, I’m not that attached, but I care about growth and progress. In regards to my current condition, I will work with the fresh and healthy hair and watch it grow.

Moral of the story: Sometimes you have to cut off the dead ends in your life.  You may cut off more than you intended and the after shock may bring you to literal tears, but the growth and progress is worth the heartbreak.

Don’t cry over split ends, girl.


♥ Starr

PS: Looking at the before and after pictures, I may have overreacted….

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