Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Journal

April // 28 // 2017

Day ten

We made it through the challenge!! Kudos my friends!  I have to admit, the 2nd week was not that easy to find much interest in my outfit selections.  I got better with my time management, though.  One thing that I realized is that growing up black with little money, I’ve always had a capsule wardrobe, we just didn’t have a name for it back then.  I love the concept and, as mentioned, I’m probably going to go for it again with more items, for the month of May.  The last outfit seemed a bit desperate, but still cute, nonetheless.

White Button Up // Teal Pencil Skirt // Bow Flats //  Necklace // Reversible Tote

I tried to add a bit of interest to my outfit with this amazing necklace.  What do you all think?

Chat later,


♥ Starr

April // 27 // 2017

Day Nine

Hey y’all,

Thank you all who have joined me on this 10 day journey.  I know it was tough, but we’re almost to day 10!  I’ll keep today’s post short and just share with you the outfit selection.  I wanted to mention one thing, however, accessories can change your outfit and add a bit of personality to a basic capsule.  Since I wore this tee earlier this week, and this vest is unforgettable, I decided to add a bit of punch with this leopard print belt.  I think that it gives a little personality.  Thoughts? I kinda like it a lot.

V neck tee // Military vest // leopard print belt // High Waist Skinny Jens // Bow Flats // Reversible Tote

I’m sure to wear this again! It’s even cute without the vest.  Also, I have gotten so many compliments on these shoes.  The color is sold out at Zara, but you can get a very similar pair here.



Hey face.


Chat Tomorrow!


♥ Starr



April // 26 // 2017

Day Eight

Hey people,

It’s day 8 and two more days to go.  I’m kind of dreading having to create and hunt for next week’s work wardrobe, already.  It’s crazy, huh?  Today, I was actually thinking that I might extend this a little while longer.  I may create a new capsule and continue through the month of May.  We’ll see how that goes.  My only concern is that since I don’t really go anywhere on the weekends, a lot of my clothing may not get much wear.  I’ll keep you posted.

Today’s outfit was not one of my faves.  I pictured something completely different, and it didn’t quite come out the way I envisioned it, but with having a Capsule wardrobe, you kinda have to roll with what you have.  I don’t think that it was horrendous, but just not my fave.  Check it out for yourself.

Paisley print cardigan // White button down // Dark Skinny Jeans // Bow Flats // Reversible Tote

I unbuttoned that top button on my white blouse after this picture was taken.  I felt restricted and a bit claustrophobic.  In addition, I didn’t take a head shot of this outfit.  I immediately changed into shorts and tee, when I got home, and got in the bed to relax a bit and watch last week’s Scandal, before my shower and bed time.  I wish that I would have snapped a pic because I really liked my earrings.  Maybe next time…

Have a good night, all.


♥ Starr

April // 25 // 2017

Day seven

Hey everyone,

I’m not sure why I’ve been so tired for the last few weeks, but it’s crazy annoying.  I feel like I can’t get enough sleep!  Has anyone else felt this way before? I’m sure it’s all of this unbalanced energy.  Mercury, venus, Saturn, Pluto (is that still a planet?  idk), every thing is in retrograde.  I thought that I was prepared with all of the sage burning and crystal cleansing I did, but I guess not.  Anyway.  Thank goodness for this capsule wardrobe challenge, because God knows that I would not have the energy to get my whole self together in the mornings.  I’m barely making it now, with these 10 little items I have to choose from over here.  At least the pieces give me a fair chance at looking put together.  I can’t fully promise that I would give 2 shits had it not been for the capsule.  I’m tired, y’all.  Here is today’s fit….and a little cleavage for my male readers.

Pink Cocoon Cardigan / / Grey V neck tee // High waist denim skinnies // Bow Flats // Reversible Tote (That I have yet to reverse in the last 7 days) // Crystal Y Necklace (Handmade)

Last week’s, day 4, outfit was fairly similar to this one except for the tee, that I plan to wear tomorrow (Who Gon’ check me, boo?), and the accessories.  Side note: Accessories are key.  They can easily change the appearance of any outfit, sometimes taking it from drab to fab.

Here I am pretending not to be tired AF.




April // 24 // 2017

Day Six

Hey y’all!

It’s week 2 and we’re back to the challenge!  Week one was easier to wear the outfits with the 10 items simply because the items were new and fresh.  This week I started to wonder if people around me will notice that I wore the same pieces last week.  Then I remembered who the F I am and realized that I really don’t care. 🙂 As long as my clothes are clean and cute, it’s all good.

This white button down is getting a lot of play and I’m getting my money’s worth.  I know that I mentioned this before, but you absolutely must have a white button down in your wardrobe.  Find one that fits well and compliments your body type and lifestyle.  I know most women have a problem in the chest area, with this type of top, so I recommend that you purchase the top one size up, then get it tailored to your body.  You can also get the buttons sewn together and wear it like a pullover.  I learned that little nugget of info from Wendy Williams.  How you doin’?

Moving on….Here is day 6 for you all!

Grey Sweater // White Button Down // Dark Denim Skinny Jeans // Bow Flats // Reversible Tote

I have no idea how I created this top knot.  Also peep the box over my right shoulder.  It’s full of clothing from my closet to donate.  I’m constantly purging….I hope you are too.

Chat later,


♥ Starr

April // 21 // 2017

Day Five

We made it through the first week of the challenge!! Cheers my friends!  Today’s outfit is one of my favorite combinations; a tee shirt with a pencil skirt.  The one thing I love about this skirt, or any pencil skirt for that matter, is the versatility.  Pencil skirts can be paired with tees, silk blouses, sweaters, button downs (next week’s outfit), blazers, you name it!! I particularly like statement tees with a pencil skirt and converse, but I couldn’t wear that to work.  I’m sure to do it on a weekend and will make sure I post for you all.  I didn’t get through this first week unscathed, though.  I cut myself shaving, last night, just so I could wear this damn skirt.  I think the blood bath was worth it.  What do you think?


V-Neck Tee // Jeweled Necklace (Similar) // Pencil Skirt // Bow Flats // Reversible Tote


If you didn’t start the challenge, this week, start on Monday.  Hopefully my daily journal helped you out a bit.

Talk to y’all next week. Have a great weekend!!


♥ Starr

April // 20 // 2017

Day four

Hey everyone,

It’s day four and this capsule wardrobe is moving along nicely.  I decided to toss on the white button down that I wore on Monday, pairing it with a pink/peach cardigan and high waisted jeans.  Thank the Good Lord that I didn’t spill coffee on this white top on day one! I’m a messy eater, y’all.  The one thing I suggest to all of you is to purchase a classic white blouse.  It goes with absolutely everything and is very versatile.  Check out the day four unit.

Pink Cardigan // White Blouse // Bauble Bar Necklace // High Waist Skinnies // Bow Flats // Reversible Tote

Have you all noticed that Passion Planner is in all of my pics!?!?  LOL  I carry that thing around with me EVERYWHERE!

P.S. My braids are heavy as hell.

Chat Later,


♥ Starr

April // 19 // 2017

Day Three

This morning, I got a bit cocky with my time management.  Since I had so much time to spare, yesterday, I took advantage and slept in an extra 15 minutes on top of the 30 I was gifted, the day before.  If you know simple math, then that’s 45 minutes I decided to sleep in and catch an episode of Golden Girls.  Welp, I was dressed in a short amount of time, but I had to change my jeans because the ones I selected, were WAY too tight for the office ( They were freshly washed).  Needless to say, I was late to work….traffic. Anyway, I decided to wear that cardigan I replaced the knit blazer with and it was easy peasy!

J. Crew Paisley Print Cardigan // Dark Denim Skinny Jeans // Bow Flats // Reversible Tote

Funny Story about this cardigan, I purged my closet a few times last year, including the closet cleanse I did right before I moved to California, in February.  Every single time I cleansed, this party cardi was in the donate pile, but every time, I took it out because I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it!  I’m glad that I didn’t.

I need my eyebrows done, STAT!

Thanks for reading and playing along!


♥ Starr

April // 18 // 2017

Day Two

Alright y’all,

Day 2 went a lot more smoothly than yesterday.  I was dressed and out the door in 15 minutes! I even had time to make my bed, which I did NOT do yesterday.

From the 11 outfits I made with my 10 pieces, I selected my outfit, last night, steamed it, and hung it in the closet.  I spent too much time yesterday steaming my items, because of lack of preparation.  Lately it’s been in the 40s in the mornings and 60s in the evenings, with a bit of rain, today, so I decided to wear the light sweater.

Also, after I made the post of my 10 items, I made a slight change and removed the knit grey blazer and replaced it with a cute printed cardigan I bought years ago from J. Crew.  The cardigan is perfect for layering and gives me more outfit options than the blazer did.  Plus it adds more of the pink and green color to my pallet and feels a bit more Spring than the grey blazer.

Here is my outfit from Day 2!

Military Style vest // Grey light Knit Sweater // Dark Skinny jeans // Nude Bow Flats // Nude Reversible Tote

I’ve worn this sweater/military vest combo before, but with a different pair of jeans and a pair of ankle booties. This adds to the argument of simpler living with capsule wardrobes.  When you choose timeless, less trendy pieces they transition a lot better.  I know that I didn’t include handbags in our 10 items, but this bag has come in handy, AND it’s reversible ( light blush pink on the other side).  I will more than likely use it throughout the duration of the challenge, because of its versatility. Carrying one bag has also saved me time in the mornings because I’m not taking tons of time switching out my belongings from one bag to the other.

Did I mention that this protective style has shaved off about 10 – 15 minutes of my time in the mornings, as well!?!  I am obsessed with Box braids and I typically get them twice a year.  Love them!

Don’t forget to let me know how your challenge is going.

Chat later,


♥ Starr

April // 17 // 2017

Day One

Hey y’all,

Day one did NOT start of that great.  I had not developed my full 10 outfits, but I had a pretty good idea of what items I wanted to include.  That bit of knowledge helped me to plan my day one outfit.  Sounds good, right?!?  Well, it was all fun and games until I fell asleep last night with clothes in the washer, wet jeans ( I let them air dry), and a super wrinkle shirt! Needless to say, it’s Monday, so I hit snooze a few times only allowing myself 15 minutes to get dressed without realizing the situation that was ahead of me.  I managed to get the clothes dry while I did a few other things to get ready, but I didn’t leave the house until 6:45am.  I’m supposed to be at work at 6:30….Anyway, I am super happy with my first day selection.


I got box braids this past weekend, and they are helpful when getting dressed to go out.  They cut off a lot of time.  I sometimes style them walking to my car, or on a restroom break at work.  Protective styles are great for busy women and mommies.  They not only save time, but they save your hair from you.  LOL

{Sorry for the poor photo quality.  The lighting in my place, is crappy!}

I can’t wait to show you the outfits I have created.  The challenge is only 10 days, but I’ve created 11 outfits, so far, with the pieces in my capsule.  I’m excited to see what y’all put together.  Post your pics on Social Media and don’t forget to tag #blackgirlchat.


Chat later,



♥ Starr


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