Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – Phase II

3x3x3x1 Item Selection


I finally made my selections.  I chose my pieces to include in the capsule and decided on a Nude, Grey, and white pallet with pink and green to add pops of color.  Remember the 3x3x3x1 Guide?  Well I tweaked it a little bit.  Feel free to shop my items (or very similar) below.


1 – White Soft Blend Button Down Blouse,

1 – Grey V-Neck Tee shirt

1 – Grey Sweater


1 – Dark Denim Skinny Jeans

1 – Topshop Light Washed High Wasted Skinny Jeans

1 – Teal Pencil Skirt – BTW, I’ve had this skirt for YEARS.  When you buy classics, they are easy to include in a long time Capsule wardrobe.


1 – Green Military Vest

1 – Pink Long, Duster Cardigan

1 – Grey/White Blazer

My actual blazer…….

Great Substitute!

ONE  (1) – SHOES

1 – Nude Bow Flats (Similar to mine)

I didn’t add jewelry or handbags to this challenge, but I imagine that if you create a color template, you’re more than likely okay with using the same bag through the duration.  As far as jewelry, since my items are basics, I left the options open to add a statement piece, as I see fit.  My jewelry is pretty simple, anyway, sometimes adding a statement necklace.



Hey ladies,

Before I move to Phase II of the wardrobe challenge, I want to provide a PSA.  I don’t want anyone to confuse this challenge as a fashion driven challenge. Although the details do involve fashion, they focus more on style, time, and money.

STYLE – At times, we interchange the words fashion and style, but they both mean something different.  Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.  We all have style, yes, that means you.  Whether you prefer a pair of Nikes and Sweats, Stilettos and skinny jeans, khakis and a polo, or a mixture of them all, that is your style! Some may need a bit of help polishing that style, but the capsule wardrobe will, and should, help you hone in on that style and display it with the fashion items in your closet.  Although fashion may not be important to you, being who you are, unapologetically, and being comfortable in your own skin, is very important.  Use this opportunity to find your style.

TIME  – I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time, when getting dressed, staring at my closet.  Once I finally find an outfit, chances are I change it 3 more times, just to end up wearing the first outfit I put on.  I’m hoping that this challenge will create more time for us all.  Use those extra minutes to sleep in a bit, have a cup of coffee or tea on the patio, meditate, pray, have breakfast, read your Bible, or even do a bit of Yoga.  We all need time for more self care. Let’s not waste it on things that really don’t matter, that much.

MONEY  – Money does not grow on trees.  When I think about all the clothes I have in my closet that may not get much rotation, I think about the wasted coins. Let’s face it, clothes are expensive, if you’re buying a higher quality.  If you’re not buying a high quality, you’re spending money on purchasing the same cheap items over and over.  Full disclosure: One year, I decided to do a sum total of the dollar amount I spend on clothing and it equalled over $5000!!! That’s bat shit crazy!!! FIVE STACKS!! Do you know what I could have done with that money??!?!?!  With that said, living a simpler life with a smaller wardrobe, can be very beneficial to your wallet.  Take that money and invest it in a savings account, in a black owned bank, or use it on other things.  Plan a day with your kids, or bae, use it for self care at the spa or a solo date.  Whatever you choose to do, create memories not clutter.


PHase II

  1. Define your theme – Study the Pinterest board you created in Phase I.  Choose a few styles that really speak to you and match pieces you may have in your closet.  Notice whether or not your pins have similarities?  Did you pin a lot of outfits with stripes?  Prints? Were your selections of a certain color scheme? A lot of grey tones? Bleach tones?  Shop your closet with motivation from the pins on your board from Phase I.  Pinterest is your friend! Use it. Abuse it. It’s a very helpful tool.
  2. Choose your Capsule Pieces-  Here is where it gets tricky.  We’re going to start choosing the items for your capsule.  Use the 3x3x3x1 rule as a guide. Example: 3 shirts x 3 pants x 3 shoes x1Dress.  The options you choose will most definitely depend on your lifestyle.  Keep in mind that the challenge is only in effect on weekdays.  I am fortunate enough to work at a company where we can wear jeans every day.  My 3x3x3x1 Rule might be a bit different.  I may split one of the threes and add a dress or blazer in the mix.  Something like this:

3 Jeans x 3 blouses x 2 dresses/1 Blazer x 1 Pair of shoes, I don’t know yet, but I do know that I’m not going to take up too many times with shoes.  I’m more than likely going to include these neutral flats that can go with lighter colored clothing or black clothing.

Shop Similar shoes here, here, and here

I’m excited about the revelations to be had at the end of this challenge and can’t wait to hear form you all!   Take this as an opportunity to be present in the things and people that really matter. Let’s live more simpler and fuller lives!

Chat later, y’all!


♥ Starr

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